A message from the Curator

I created the Stylophone Museum blog to showcase photos of my extensive collection of dubreq Stylophone musical instruments and accessories. I began collecting Stylophones after the Brett Domino Trio started posting their hilarious Stylophone-centric musical performances on YouTube.  I had seen and played both the vintage and modern versions of Stylophone keyboard instruments and the modern percussion instrument previously, but hadn't owned one myself.  Within a few years, I collected specimens of nearly every version of Dubreq's Stylophone-branded instruments ever made. I don't expect to ever have the 100% complete collection, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if I have one of the largest collections in the United States.

I will add new content whenever I have a little spare time and something interesting to share.

The Stylophone Museum will eventually showcase vintage and modern instruments including the standard models, percussion instruments, the rare 350S, and the modern S2 and Gen X-1 synthesizers. It will also feature vintage external speakers, play-along records, sheet music and product packaging. I may even include some sound samples and other related goodies.

This museum is here for you to explore on your own. I hope you enjoy your visit. Please come back often to see what's new.

Best Regards,

Rick Reid, Curator
The Stylophone Museum



Please note: Some packaging photos in the Stylophone Museum may include images of former Stylophone celebrity spokesman Rolf Harris.  Mr. Harris, as you may know, was involved in a criminal scandal a few years ago and has completed a prison sentence. The inclusion of his image in this blog is for historical purposes regarding the Stylophone in popular culture and does not constitute an endorsement of Mr. Harris by the owner of this blog. Mr. Harris does not endorse this blog either.

Stylophone and related trademarks are the property of Dubreq Ltd. The Stylophone Museum is not published or endorsed by Dubreq Ltd. It is offered for entertainment and informational purposes by a fan and collector of Stylophone products.