Friday, August 11, 2023

Stylophone: We got the BEAT!

 New product alert! Dubreq Ltd announced their newest product today: the Stylophone BEAT. I haven't had an opportunity to play one yet, but it looks like a really fun and much-needed step up from the classic Stylophone Beatbox.

According to the email notice I received, the Stylophone BEAT will feature 4 drum sounds, 4 bass sounds, adjustable tempo, loop recording, a transposition control, storage for more than one pattern, and the ability to change the pattern length on the fly. There's also an audio out jack for headphones or to send the sound to an external mixer, PA system, or recording gear. The overall size and styling is very much in keeping with the current versions of the original Stylophone keyboard instruments.

The pre-order price is $39.95 USD, 29.95 GBP, or 34.95 Euros. You can get more info and reserve an instrument at