Saturday, December 2, 2017

How cute! The Stylophone mini

Somewhere around 2010, the Stylophone mini was born. The mini is a working Stylophone replica with an attached key chain.
At about one-quarter of the size of a standard Stylophone, the mini is a bit cumbersome as a key chain novelty fob, but it is probably going to make your keys difficult to lose. It runs on three AAA batteries and was available in at least two color schemes: black/chrome and white/chrome. 

I have also seen photos of a model in ivory/gold, but I have never actually seen it for sale.

The 1.5 octave keyboard is quite playable and the sound is surprising loud for such a small speaker. The mini has only one timbre and no vibrato switch, fine-tuning knob, volume control or earphone jack.

The packaging is kind of interesting. It claims the instrument is 'concert tuned." Ha! There are logos on the back for other Stylophone products including something called a Stylophone "remixxr techno sampler." To the best of my knowledge, the Stylophone remixxr was announced but never commercially released. You can still find a few pictures of it and the also unreleased Stylophone vocoder product around the web.
The Stylophone mini is a fun addition to any Stylophone collection, if you can still find one.