Wednesday, September 16, 2020

An Open and Shut Case

The folks at Dubreq have just release a cool little accessory for Stylophone players. The new Stylophone S-1 Carry Case features an embossed Stylophone logo cover, two logo zipper pulls, a mesh pocket, and a convenient fabric carrying handle stitched into the spine.
Stylophone S-1 Carry Case - closed

It fits modern S-1 Stylophone models and all of the equivalent vintage models. The pocket can hold sheet music, a patch cable, ear buds, etc. Something like a USB power supply will be too thick to allow the case to be zipped shut. (I tried it.) The case fits an S-1 perfectly, so it's too small to hold a GEN X-1.

S-1 Stylophone Carry Case - opened

The Stylophone S-1 Carry Case is available now. Visit the Dubreq website for more photos and details about an introductory discount.